DRVC Testimonials

From John & Brenda Phillips:

Greetings, Let me identify myself and pet. I'm John Phillips and my pets name is Lili. She is a white chow chow that was brought in Tuesday for palette surgery.

First of all, for those that remember when I was there this last tuesday, I'm the strange guy who is slightly hearing impaired, asks alot of questions and who stayed with my chow in the back after my chow had surgery.

As a devoted chow owner for the last 34 years I'm sure some from the staff are now aware of my fondness for my chow. In fact I may go overboard when it comes to the care of my pets. But thats my nature and I apologize to no one for that. My chow chow is a part of our family.

After leaving the vet center in a bad rain storm, I had to slam on my brakes because of a wreck in front of me on IH-10, and Lili was thrown from the back seat into the front seat while wedged between the two. Had to pull over and lift her out in a driving rain while her eyes were wide open wondering "what the hell happened". Please tell Miss Kay Lili's stitches held and there was no bleeding!...HA! Tuesday night she was a little uncomfortable until I gave her the metacam which stopped the pain. Otherwise as of right now she is doing better than expected with no more pain medication being given.

Although I couldn't stay in the op room while my pet was being tended to, because I get teary eyed, even though permission was granted, I enjoyed the casual atmosphere afterwards and conversation with Doctor Custer and you Doctor Kays.

I picked this vet center to do surgery on my chow for several reasons even though I talked to many vets in houston before hand. Let me explain. The waiting time on appointments is very fast. Staff communicates very good and checks on you while waiting. This vet center is one of the few where patients owners are allowed to go in the back, at least I was, while work is being performed on there pets. Full explanation as to what is being done on pet is given and explanation of pricing. The price for services is excellent compared to larger cities. But price is the least of my worries when it comes to my chow. I noticed the staff always busy, and moving. I can say I didn't spot one person in this vet center actually sitting around doing nothing. I was there for almost 6 hours and would have noticed. Although I found operating room full and in need of enlargement, it was orderly. I find this vet center very informal and casual, which suits my style of pet care.

Doctor Kay, you informed me you were not a board certified surgeon, but after watching you perform several surgeries, you convinced me that your experience, knowledge, and coolness while working with your staff eliminated my fear of this aspect which I was concerned with regarding our first discussion.

In closing, I can honestly say I had a pleasant experience and everything I asked of you Doctor Kay and this vet center was met. I'm very happy I chose your establishment and look forward to coming back. My only regret is that the golden triangle vets do not share enough information regarding specialized surgeries with each other in this area. Majority of vets here refer there patients to Gulf Coast Hospital in Houston Texas if they can't handle the specialized surgery. I've been to this facility and I feel I get lost in the shuffle when I'm there. I feel if the local vets would communicate and know more about each others services and have them listed, then pet owners such as my self wouldn't have to research different types of surgeries and not travel so far out to get special care for my pet when it could be done here. Thank you again Doctor Kay and Doctor Custer and to the staff of Dowlen Road Vet Center and to West End Animal Clinic for guiding me to your facility.

John & Brenda Phillips & Lili The Chow Chow

Orange, Texas